FSE(w) - 100ºC

FSE(w) - 100ºC

Freez Stop Extra


Electrical heating cable for frost
protection or temperature maintenance.‎


FREEZSTOP EXTRA is an industrial grade, self-regulating
heating cable that can be used for freeze protection
or temperature maintenance to 100ºC.‎
It can be cut-to-length on site and exact piping
lengths can be matched without any complicated
design considerations.‎
FREEZSTOP EXTRA is approved for use in non-hazardous,
hazardous and corrosive environments to world wide
Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety
and reliability.‎
FREEZSTOP EXTRA will not overheat
or burnout, even when overlapped
upon itself.‎ Its
power output is self-regulated in response to the
pipe temperature.‎
The installation of FREEZSTOP EXTRA is quick and simple
and requires no special skills or tools.‎ Termination,
splicing and power connection components are all
provided in convenient kits.‎


“ The inherent ability to self-regulate at a
temperature level below the maximum product
rating and withstand temperature of the insulating
materials, without the need for temperature
Similar competitor self-regulating products
are typically limited to a maximum energised
temperature, typically 65ºC at which point, their
retained power output prevent the cable from selfregulating
at its own limiting temperatures.‎ All such
products require temperature control to ensure
their own temperature safety.‎