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Engineering and Procurement

ISTA Co. provides consulting, engineering and designing services and also conducts order registrations for electrical heat tracing cables production from Tope (Spain) company, including delivery of goods at the CFR or in some cases DDP.

ISTA Co. has acquired the exclusive agency from Tope (Spain) in Iran; hence the company's services in this section are excluded to the framework of Tope (Spain) productions.

Tope (Spain) is one of the best Europe's Electrical Heater Explosion-proof manufacturers, holding valid certificates in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries. All of the products are manufactured at Tope factory in Barcelona, Spain.

ISTA Co. is responsible for marketing, contracting, delivery, after-sales services and the official warranty of the mentioned products in IRAN.

For further information on the technical details of the Tope(Spain) company products, please click here.